what is grain size in agreeggates stones

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Describing Rocks | USGS Schoolyard Geology - USGS Education28 Nov 2016 , Did you picture a boring, grey stone? Not all rocks look , GRAIN SIZE tells us about how much energy it took to move the grains Some grains.know more

Siltstone - WikipediaSiltstone is a sedimentary rock which has a grain size in the silt range, finer than sandstone and coarser than claystonknow more

Cobble (geology) - WikipediaA cobble (sometimes a cobblestone) is a clast of rock defined on the Udden–Wentworth scale as having a particle size of 64–256 millimeters (25–101 in), larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder Other scales define a cobble's size in slightly different terms , Within the widely used Krumbein phi scale of grain sizes, cobbles are.know more

Siltstone: A sedimentary rock made up of silt-size particlesA clastic sedimentary rock composed of silt-size grains Siltstone is found in , Siltstone Colors: Siltstone occurs in a wide variety of colors It is usually gray,.know more